New Orleans Paralegals Vent

Hello friends! I’m Janie Justice, a paralegal who lives in New Orleans. I decided to start a website as a way to vent my frustrations about unfair legal practices. I also document information about laws, legal issues, various legal practices, or injustices I’ve witnessed throughout the legal community.  

Why Did I Create This Site?

Those who work in the legal field see a lot of wrongs happening to victims and to those who’ve been accused of committing crimes. This site is meant to help those victims, those who’ve been falsely accused, or those who have committed crimes but are being unfairly treated.

Sometimes, a little venting can be healthy. Pushing back against unfair legal practices and having healthy conversations about legal topics can lead to change—change that can help improve the world we all live in.

I acknowledge that a society must have laws, but laws should benefit everyone. Laws should be fair. Laws should be just. Laws should be enforceable. 

Some of the Legal Topics and Issues My Site Covers

I’m interested in discussing all legal topics, but especially those that focus on unfair laws or practices that don’t always work for everyone. 

For example, many accident victims find themselves struggling to prove their personal injury cases. They could get left behind because of laws that make it difficult for them to receive adequate financial compensation for an accident they didn’t cause.

Here are some example topics that might be covered on my site:

  • Are no-fault laws fair to car accident victims?
  • How long should a statute of limitations be for personal injury cases?
  • Who should be permitted to file a wrongful death claim?
  • Should a mother be automatically granted custody of her children?
  • Do prosecutors pressure innocent people to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit?
  • Should drug offenders go to jail for their addiction?
  • Should all who claim to be victims of sex crimes be believed?
  • How can you sue the government when your rights have been violated?
  • Why is it so difficult to prove a medical malpractice case?

New Orleans Paralegals Vent for You

I vent for all those who don’t have a voice. I’m here to express the frustrations so many victims feel but don’t get a chance to express themselves. 

If you believe that you’ve been mistreated under the law, you might be able to find information on this site that can help you. Sometimes, all you need is someone who understands what you’re going through and who can help point you in the right direction to improve your situation.