Do Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Injury Victims?

Hello friends! I’m Janie Justice, a paralegal who lives in New Orleans. Today I’m venting about insurance companies that don’t put victims first. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you might already be dealing with an insurance company. You could already be noticing that the insurance company isn’t on your side.

Why Injury Victims Are Being Mistreated

It might feel like the insurers are calling you with probing questions, and you might even feel like you are on trial. You shouldn’t be treated this way, but it happens all too often.

Insurers are businesses, and they seem to care more about their profits than they do about the accident victims that need their help. In addition, insurers will sometimes fail to support accident victims that they themselves insure.

There is a lot of frustration from injury victims over how the insurance companies treat them. The insurance company might try to deny your claim or pay you less than you’re owed for your injury accident. They might not tell you about services or compensation that you’re entitled to. 

Insurance companies often make victims feel re-victimized or as though they are lying or trying to take advantage of the insurance company. This is no way to treat accident victims who have already been through so much. 

When I was talking with a personal injury lawyer about this issue, they said they often deal directly with the insurance companies on behalf of their injury clients. They do this to shield their clients from the unpleasantness of dealing with insurance companies who often mistreat them.

When Talking to an Insurance Company

You can choose to partner with an injury lawyer who can talk to insurers for you. If you decide to handle insurers on your own, here are a few tips for protecting yourself. 

Be careful what you say. The insurance company is likely going to try to get you to admit to fault for your accident. They do this to decrease your claim’s value

Figure out the value of your claim by adding up all your losses. Don’t just take the insurance company’s word that you’re getting a fair settlement. 

Understand that insurance settlements can be negotiated. You don’t have to take the first offer the insurer makes to you.

Why Janie Justice Vents for You

I’m Janie Justice, and I’m a New Orleans paralegal. I vent legal frustrations that I see because not everyone is able to voice their concerns. There are injustices in the world and the more we talk about them, the more likely they are to be addressed and get resolved. I’m not here to solve all the problems of the world, but I do care about ensuring the justice system stays just.

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